Image Guided / Computer Assisted Surgery

Sinus anatomy varies greatly between patients, and like fingerprints no two sinuses are the same, creating a challenge for sinus surgeons. Sinus disease, previous surgery, and scar tissue further distort sinus anatomy, making surgery even more difficult. To address these challenges, biomedical engineers have developed image guided computer technology to help surgeons navigate complex sinus anatomy, thus increasing safety.

The technology resembles a miniature global positioning system (GPS), like that used in a car: Satellites orbiting the Earth communicate with a GPS unit and a map to pinpoint your location. In surgery, sensors are positioned in the operating room to communicate with a computer containing a CT scan of a patient’s sinuses and link this to a surgical probe to identify precisely where the surgeon is operating.

Although the computer technology has improved safety and reduced complications in surgery, there are limits. The location of the surgical probe is an approximation based on complex mathematical calculations, and computer systems don’t work perfectly all the time. Therefore, having an extremely well trained, experienced surgeon, with extensive knowledge of sinus anatomy is the most important factor to reduce risks and complications.

Dr. Naseri has considerable expertise due to his advanced fellowship training and years of experience performing difficult sinus surgeries. He has extensive experience with image guided surgery. This work has been widely accepted and used in sinus surgery to improve safety. Drs. Naseri has significant experience using this technology and have advised manufacturers on ways to improve it for patients and surgeons.

Dr. Naseri offer his expertise and experience to you, along with image guided / computer assisted surgery at the North Florida Sinus Center.

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