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TORS Specialist in Jacksonville

Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery

Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery, or TORS, uses a robot to provide access to areas in the back of the throat and tongue. The various surgical applications for Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery include tumors of the base of tongue, hypopharynx and select laryngeal tumors. A new and promising use of Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery is for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea. In these cases, Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery is used to reduce the size of the tongue and the back of the throat to improve airflow and breathing. Compared with traditional open surgical options, Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery provides improved visualization and access to such difficult-to- access areas. This often translates into less pain and swelling after the surgery.

The da Vinci® surgical robotic system allows several advantages over the traditional surgical approaches:

  • The advantage of 3D high-definition visualization of the anatomic structures, and the precision and dexterity afforded by robotic instrumentation.
  • Performance of endoscopic procedures that otherwise would be performed through an open approach, therefore minimizing morbidity and improving functional outcome as compared to an open approach.
  • Potentially avoids larger incisions or disfiguring open approaches, resulting in scarring, longer hospitalization, or postoperative pain.
  • Maximum preservation of function and enhanced definition of safe margin for complete tumor removal
  • Quicker return to normal speech and swallowing

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Dr. Naseri is one of few surgeons in Florida who is trained and certified to use the da Vinci® Robotic system in offering Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery. If you are experiencing symptoms of a condition that is treated with Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery, contact our sinus center to discuss your candidacy. To schedule a consultation at The North Florida Sinus Center in Jacksonville, FL, please call (904) 595-7475 or request an appointment online.

Figure 1 Endoscopic view of the base of tongue being treated with the robotic system.  The large tongue base is causing obstructive sleep apnea.  Reducing the tongue base size can reduce airway obstruction and improve airflow.


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