What is Rhinitis?

What is RhinitisRhinitis is a common condition characterized by restriction in the flow of air through the nose, a sense of congestion within the nose, a “runny” or “drippy” nose and/or sneezing. Rhinitis is typically characterized as either allergic or non-allergic. Allergy testing is performed to help make this distinction. Allergic rhinitis is treated with medication initially. Immunotherapy can also be prescribed using sublingual drops or subcutaneous injections. Surgery can have an adjunctive role in difficult cases. Medical therapy is also tried initially in cases of non-allergic rhinitis and surgery may be offered when medication is not effective.

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Rhinitis - Turbinate Hypertrophy


Figure 1a - View of right nasal cavity through a sinus endoscope of a patient with rhinitis and nasal obstruction. The turbinate tissue based on the left is so swollen it touches the septum on the right blocking airflow through the nose.


Figure 1b - Following medical therapy, the swelling has decreased, the nasal airway has returned and the patient's nasal congestion symptoms resolved.

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