Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak (CSF)

Cerebrospinal fluid leak (CSF) is an uncommon condition. Cerebrospinal fluid bathes and cushions our brain within the enclosed protection of the skull.  In some patients, the bone that separates the brain cavity from the sinonasal cavity becomes thin and attenuated and allows spinal fluid to leak into the nasal cavity. When this occurs, patients experience clear fluid draining from one nostril. If left untreated, bacteria from the nose can enter the cranial cavity at the leak site and cause a serious meningitis infection. Surgical repair of the attenuated skull base can stop the leak and prevent meningitis. Prior to the introduction of endoscopic sinus surgery, neurosurgeons repaired the leak via a craniotomy, a brain surgery. Rhinologists developed endoscope techniques to repair CSF leaks through the nose. These techniques improved treatment rates, avoided brain surgery, reduced risks and decreased pain and suffering for patients.

Dr. Naseri have specialized training and expertise, and considerable experience, in using the endoscope to perform minimally invasive surgery to address CSF leaks.

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