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Advanced Sinus Care Jacksonville

North Florida Sinus Center, is a center of excellence dedicated to caring for patients with nasal and sinus conditions.  Our goal is to provide thorough education on the conditions we treat and provide personalized treatment options.

Conditions We Treat

Advanced Sinus Care Jacksonville

When surgical options are considered, we utilize minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. Attention to detail, compassionate care and your satisfaction are the cornerstones of our center of excellence approach.

Surgeries We Perform

Advanced Sinus Care Jacksonville

Skull base conditions occur deep within the head, at the junction of the top of the nose and sinuses, just beneath the brain, often between and behind the eyes.   Modern endoscopic surgery offers significant advantages for patients with these conditions. 

Skull Base Surgery

Advanced Sinus Care Jacksonville

At the North Florida Sinus Center, we assist patients who have experienced a loss in their ability to smell using a comprehensive diagnostic strategy to identify the root cause of the olfactory disorder and treat when appropriate.

Olfactory Disorders

Advanced Sinus Care Jacksonville

In addition to the full complement of rhinology services, Dr. Naseri offers advanced upper airway surgery for sleep, head and voice disorders.


Advanced Upper Airway Surgery

Advanced Sinus Care Jacksonville

We offer the latest proven technology and treatment for chronic sinusitis called Balloon Sinuplasty. Through our thoughtful, compassionate approach, and patient care centered on your needs, we apply our experience and expertise to treat your sinus condition.

Balloon Sinuplasty


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